I KNOW WHITEFEATHER DID THIS ALREADY. I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE A LIFE TO LIVE, AND STUFF. BUT WHY ARE ALL OF US INACTIVE(im speaking for myself, to)? It makes me really sad to see that we all just left out of nowhere. I know we have other wiki's to contribute to. I know school has gotten to us, I know relationships are getting stupid, I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I AM A LIVING BREATHING PERSON THAT EXPERIENCES LIFE EVERYDAY. But, I miss you guys. Like, a lot. Remember all the fun times we had on Chat? Remember all of the cool rp's we did? I MADE EBONYKIT FOR NIGHTSTAR BECAUSE THEY ARE LIKE MOTHER AND SON JUST LIKE VEE AND FEATHER CREATED SILVER X RAVEN! I MADE SOOO MANY CATS TO ROLEPLAY BECAUSE AT ONE TIME THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE WIKI OF ALL TIME AND NOW WE LEFT...! Just like NightClan. . . everyone left, even Tally my favourite nc friend. I miss you guys. I miss my cats. I miss reading the crazy cool fanfictions vee creates. I miss all of the good times. I miss meeting on chat, I miss helping, I miss being admin,,,,,, I miss a lot about this wiki. Please don't let it fade away.

End of my speech. Leave a comment, nothing else. Goodbye.

I've got troubled thoughts and self-esteem to match, what a catch, what a catch... (talk)

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