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    Ripplestar gingerly stepped up to stand by the Spiritpool, her blue eyes troubled. The cold from the stone seeped through her pawpads, and the silver leader shuddered at the loneliness that she felt. Jaysong wasn't with her this time; the medicine cat had stayed behind to help Silentpaw with the ill cats.

    The she-cat gazed into the pool, watching drops of water disturb the stillness of the dark waters. Even this far into the cavern, she could still hear the violent pattering of the heavy, unending rain outside. The rain was what caused this in the first place, she thought, sorrow clouding her eyes.

    Many cats had fallen ill that moon, and some died. It had shattered a piece of Ripplestar's heart when the first cat, a tiny kit named Dapplekit, …

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    A few admin-y things

    October 30, 2014 by Phoenix Flight

    okay so

    1) I think the greencough plot died like leafpaw. So, should we just delete the thread and forget about it, or what?

    2) I also think we should do a Halloween RP thing. Like kinda spoofy or something, idk.

    3) I have this plot thing where Silentpaw, who's hated by like the whole Clan, is lied to by some Dark Forest cats and they try to get him to do evil stuff, IDK

    so yeah???

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    haha i wanted to do oneee


    Ripplemist padded carefully down the path that led to the Spiritpool, trying not to slip. Behind her, the young medicine cat apprentice Jaysong, given her official name only a few days ago, followed, trying to seem less nervous than she was.

    "I know you're nervous, Jaysong." Ripplemist mewed calmly, turning to look at the grey tabby. "You're still an apprentice, but Smokespots is sick. We can wait until later to do the ceremony."

    "But Ripplemist, Jaystar died." Jaysong replied firmly. "You were the deputy. And we have to do the ceremony." The young she-cat's violet eyes glinted in anxiety; she was excited, as this was her first leader ceremony, but also scared. What if she did something wrong? Or if S…

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