No one comes on here very often. You know what? I can't blame Emeh or Vee for this. It's a hard time of the year, where most youngsters- I sound old. Too old for my liking.

And I will admit some of my darkest secrets to Emeh and Vee as well! For Nightstar's pic, that is wallpaper...... I'M SO SORRY! Oh, so is Darkshadow's. I'M SOORRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!

And another question/bad thing. THe pictures that we're all adding to the wiki, are they not copyrighted at all? Because if so................

I love my new siggie. It's beautiful. Thank you so much Vee! This isn't a bad stuff at all! I should make a happy stuffs blog!

Maybe my sig would show here...... Whitefeather

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