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aka Ebs, Oki/Okina, and Whit/Whiteh

  • I live in that endless pit of homework and exams
  • I was born on December 25
  • My occupation is dying because of exams and some personal stuff lol
  • I am wrapping gifts in duck tape
  • Ebony Huo


    April 21, 2015 by Ebony Huo

    I drew Jaysong.

    no one comes here anymore D:

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  • Ebony Huo


    February 19, 2015 by Ebony Huo

    Happy Chinese New Year guys!

    Eat lots of Nian Gao and dumplings, and be happy! Feel free to dress up as lion-dragons and wear red and dance get lucky money from your relatives (or is it just me?)!

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    ~love from Whitefeather

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  • Ebony Huo

    Say Something Raven

    January 23, 2015 by Ebony Huo

    Say Something

    Say something, I'm giving up on you

    Silverbreeze darted across the Steppingstones of the Rushingwater River, blinking away the tears as the jet-black tom came to mind.

    I'll be the one, if you want me to

    Silverbreeze flinched away from Ravenfeather as he looked at her, and she dove out of camp, tears threatening to spill over her.
    Anywhere I would've followed you

    The black warrior looked extremely nervous, and he announced in a trembling voice. “I’m going on a hunting patrol. Who wants to join?”

    Silverbreeze opened her jaw, then snapped it shut as he looked away from her. She flattened her ears and looked away, and ignoring everyone, she dashed out of camp.

    We can never be together.

    Say something, I'm giving up on you

    Silverbreeze choke…

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  • Ebony Huo


    December 28, 2014 by Ebony Huo

    Merry Christmas guys! This is a sad collection of short stories I wrote about the wiki, and how it's dying......... hope you enjoy?


    Silverbreeze padded alongside the sparkling stream, silently grieving to herself. Her clan... her clan was so weak, struggling to survive. All of the clan cats had been struck by a strange illness, which had left them frozen and not moving. Even Jaysong had been struck by it, and she didn't know what it was. StarClan didn't speak to her anymore, and the clan was slowly rotting, failing.

    The silver tabby padded through the trees, weaving in and out of the tall pines, letting her green gaze sweep the woods. It was one of the rare moments that the illness broke its effect on her, and she could hunt for…

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  • Ebony Huo

    Something's Wrong

    December 2, 2014 by Ebony Huo

    Something's wrong. Really wrong.

    My siggie won't show up, and Emeh's gone.

    Vaporeon's gone.





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