Name: Robinclaw (RPed by Whitefeather)

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Dark brown tom with a ginger patch on his chest like a robin; yellow eyes.

Personality: Robinwing is very serious cat, and hardly ever jokes. He has a habit of snapping at cats for even the smallest of mistakes, and Ravenpaw has been advised to stay away from him. Other than that, he's a pretty cool tom.

History: He was clanborn to two cats named Jumpfoot and Mossfur. His siblings were Thrushkit, Finchkit, and Dovekit. Why the kit endings? His entire family died in leaf-bare due to an outbreak of greencough, and he was the only one that survived. This shocked him to the core, and rarely spoke with any cat again, because he was afraid of losing them.

Family: Mossfur (mother, desceased); Jumpfoot (father, desceased); Thrushkit (sister, desceased); Finchkit (brother, desceased); Dovekit (sister, desceased)

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